• hunger-pains-cause-death

    Hunger Pains Cause Death

    (Photo Copyright: Timothy Bouldry) You may recognize the photo of the 7-year-old boy above, Jeshua. He was featured on the cover of a recent newsletter. We recently learned that Jeshua passed away. He lived and worked in La Chureca, the garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua. He was addicted to sniffing glue,

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  • focus-on-food

    Focus on Food

    Dear Friends, Of the many programs that International Samaritan sponsors, our food programs are some of the most vital. Whether it’s a toddler in our Guatemala City nursery eating breakfast or a mother packing lunch for her child in Kore, Ethiopia, food is an integral part of life than enables the community

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  • Landslide in Guatemala City Dump

    Yesterday afternoon a tragic event occurred: a major landslide in part of the Guatemala City garbage dump that at this time has left 4 dead, 15 buried and many more missing. A grandfather of one of the students in our Paso a Paso scholarship program is among those missing. One

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  • fr-don-vettese-s-j-president-emeritus

    Fr. Don Vettese, S.J. President Emeritus

    Following our Annual Board Meeting in Ann Arbor, Board members gathered for dinner at the Campus Inn, along with staff, volunteers, and supporters. Before the meal, Chairman Truman Timmis (left) and President Oscar Dussán (right) presented our founder, Father Don Vettese, S.J. (center), with the President Emeritus Award. The award

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  • presidents-letter-focus-on-health

    President’s Letter: Focus on Health

    Dear Friends, As we continue working to expand our reach and impact on the garbage dump communities we serve, we are putting an increased focus on our health programs. The public health issues common in garbage dumps can destroy school performance, cut lives short, and tear families apart. International Samaritan’s health

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  • basic-healthcare-an-incalculable-value

    Basic Healthcare: An Incalculable Value

    Carla Reyes was already five months pregnant when she visited our medical team in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. It was the first time she had seen a doctor since being pregnant. Her blood pressure was extremely high, and she had not taken any prenatal vitamins or followed the typical steps recommended

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  • the-last-to-know-about-zika

    The Last to Know about Zika

    As you may have seen in the news, the mosquito-born virus, Zika, has spread rapidly throughout the Southern Hemisphere. According to the CDC, the Zika virus is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes mosquito, the same mosquitoes that spread Chikungunya and dengue. The disease can also be transmitted from

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  • a-letter-from-the-founder

    A Letter from the Founder

    Dear Friends, Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, taught that God is present and active in our world. This Ignatian spirituality affirms our mission, allowing us to see God in those suffering severe poverty and to respond with compassion and service. Thanks to you, International Samaritan offers the desperately

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  • 350-volunteers-find-themselves-through-service

    350 Volunteers Find Themselves Through Service

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi We have come to an end of our 2015 year of service! The medical team returned from Nicaragua a couple of weeks ago and the numbers are in: 353 volunteers worked a

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  • how-many-times

    How Many Times?

    Dear Friends, How many times have you gone to a movie theater to see a film? This probably has occured more times than you can count. Kevin, a Step by Step graduate student living less than a mile from one of the biggest garbage dumps in Central America, was 20

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