• do-you-think-of-the-forgotten-people

    Do You Think of the Forgotten People?

    What do you think when you think of the “Dominican Republic”? Some of you may think of white pristine beaches, while others may think of cruises and spring breaks. Perhaps after seeing the photo above, you have begun to think of something entirely different. Do you think of poverty? Do

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  • above-beyond-volunteer-spotlight

    Above & Beyond: Volunteer Spotlight

    Upon returning from a week-long service immersion to Granada, Nicaragua, one student decided to use her passion to make an impact on the lives of the people she met. Kate Anderson, a senior at Regis Jesuit High School in Colorado, is using her love of photography to advocate and raise

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  • running-to-impact-a-generation

    Running to Impact a Generation

    Hi everyone, I am Oscar Dussan, President of International Samaritan. On November 29th of this year I will be running a half marathon in Seattle. This marathon started as a personal goal for me, but now it has turned into something much bigger. For the marathon, I hope to raise

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  • have-plans-for-next-summer

    Have plans for next summer?

    Join us for a summer service immersion to Granada, Nicaragua July 3 to 10, 2016! Who? Service-minded individuals of all ages and backgrounds from across the U.S. What? Building homes for families that work in the garbage dump; becoming immersed in local culture, building relationships, growing spiritually and seeing beautiful sites

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  • notes-from-the-field

    Notes from the Field

    2015 marks a very special year for our volunteers. Over 340 volunteers across the United States have been called to serve International Samaritan. They have built houses for destitute families in Nicaragua, added a second story to the Coll School in Guatemala, constructed a library in Nicaragua, and provided medical

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  • Honduras: We Are Still Present

    In the news, you may have heard about the ongoing violence in Honduras. Last year, we reported on the large influx of Central American children entering the US because of the terrible conditions in their communities. Though the number of children entering the US has decreased since 2014, the issue

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  • goal-scoring-opportunities

    Goal! Scoring Opportunities

    Victoria Lopez has always loved playing soccer, or “football,” as she would call it. As a little girl, she would play with soccer balls made of rags bound with twine. If she was lucky, her father, Don Juan Lopez, would find used soccer balls from the garbage dump and bring

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  • quest-for-economic-independence

    Quest for Economic Independence

    Thirty mothers of International Samaritan scholarship students have joined forces to earn income for their families by farming kale in addition to collecting recyclable materials from the Kore garbage dump in Ethiopia. They have become entrepreneurs with the hope of becoming independent from Kore. Because their children receive financial support

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  • investing-in-impact-you-can-see-touch

    Investing in Impact You Can See & Touch

    Would you invest $150,000 in an avatar? A couple of weeks ago, I read an interesting article in the newspaper. In it, the article says that by “watching a virtual reality avatar of yourself sipping soda…with each sip, you can see your hips and waist expanding. In the space of

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  • answer-the-call-to-love

    Answer the Call to Love

    St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, taught that God is among us, found in all things. As a Jesuit-founded organization, International Samaritan recognizes God’s presence in all we serve, echoing a hallmark of Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit educational philosophy – respect for the dignity of human

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