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Landslide in Guatemala City Dump

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Yesterday afternoon a tragic event occurred: a major landslide in part of the Guatemala City garbage dump that at this time has left 4 dead, 15 buried and many more missing. A grandfather of one of the students in our Paso a Paso scholarship program is among those missing. One witness described seeing a truck full of people buried in the heap.

The community we serve in Zone 3, adjacent to the garbage dump, is in a panic. While deadly fires and garbage avalanches are an all-too-common occurrence, the scope of this particular landslide has caught the attention of the national press, highlighting the extremely perilous nature of life in the Guatemala City dump.

It is crucial that our programs to end garbage dump poverty in Zone 3 continue so that children and their families can live lives of safety and dignified work, away from the dangers of the dump. Our thoughts and prayers are with those still missing and their families as we hope for their speedy recovery.

Click here for full news coverage on this story.


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