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  • Letter from the president

    Dear friends, \"Education is an investment in the future\" Education is the most important resource we can give to the children of garbage dump communities. As an example, average Guatemalan children attend only four years of schooling and just 3 out of 10 students graduate from the sixth grade. The Guatemalan educational system reportedly provides for only 20 percent of the country\'s children. Research from the Foundation for Economic and Social Development in Central America shows th

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  • 2017 Volunteers, thank you for joining in our mission.

    Friends of International Samaritan, As we continue through the summer, which is the busiest time for our service immersion experiences, it is important to remember the reasons why we have so many volunteers partnering with us to serve the people living in garbage dump communities. We provide a great amount of assistance to the people we serve, whether it is through building homes, working in schools, or providing critical medical care. But, I believe, the greater impact is on the volunteers t

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  • The story of a nurse to be...

    Ethiopia has a health workforce of 0.7 per 1000 population, which is low compared with the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 2.3 health workers per 1000 population. In rural and remote areas, 83% of the population is underserved by health workers. This is what motivated Minalush Ejigu, 19, to pursue her studies in Nursing. In the Kore Garbage Dump Community, Ethiopia, Minalush grew up watching her mom wake up at early in the morning and come home late with a bag of sellable items.

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  • International Samaritan School in Honduras - Emergency Relief Fund

    On Sunday, June 18, 2017, a heavy rain destroyed 23 meters of walls surrounding the International Samaritan Primary School in San Pedru Sula, Honduras. A perimeter wall of the school that ensures safety for the students. Approximately 500 students, ranging from first to 6th grade, attend the school everyday. Luckily, the disaster happened on Sunday with no students present at the time. Until the wall is rebuilt, young students are in danger to go to school each day. Please help us by donating t

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  • Interested in volunteering with International Samaritan?

    Individual Service Immersion Trips Two trips are open to individuals wanting to volunteer.  Join fellow volunteers from around the United States during a week-long service-learning immersion experience to support the garbage dump communities of Nicaragua or Guatemala. Service immersion trip costs $1,600* and you must be 18 or older to participate. (An anonymous donor is helping underwrite and discount the cost for volunteers) *Total cost Includes airfare, retreat center lodging, trans

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