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  • A dump like no other

    Girls at the Korah Garbage Dump in Addis Abbeba, Ethiopia “Look at that woman’s hand,” my driver said in a low voice. “All the fingers are missing.” “Now, over there,” he gestured in another direction. “That man’s nose is almost gone.” For no more than five minutes, our car had been still as a large vehicle ahead blocked the way; out our windows, no other light-shinned faces met my gaze. My driver quietly speculated we were the only two white people within a 20

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  • Samaritan of the Year

    International Samaritan Board Member, Mr. Duane Stranahan, Jr., has been named Samaritan of the Year. In a ceremony celebrated after I.S\'s board meeting last November, Mr. Stranahan was given the award by Evan Caminker, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School. Pat Stranahan has served as a Board Member and Trustee for International Samaritan. As a longtime friend and supporter of Fr. Vettese\'s work, Mr. Stranahan hosts small gatherings to share our mission with professional a

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  • International Samaritan featured in the National Jesuit News.

    Fr. Don Vettese, SJ, with Calendar, a leader of the garbage dwellers in Panama. On January 17, 2012, National Jesuit News featured International Samaritan in their article \"The Holy Spirit Drives Jesuit to Serve Garbage Dump Communities.\"From an interview with Fr. Vettese, the article captures the history of our organization, beginning with the first trip to the Guatemala City garbage dump in 1994.  It highlights our efforts that led to recognition by the United Nations, as well as

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  • Boston Globe features a photo-essay on the efforts of Guatemalans salvaging their living in “The Mine.”

    A man on a garbage mound in “The Mine” in Guatemala City.   Rodrigo Abd, a photojournalist for the Associated Press, documents the lives of people overlooked by the rest of the Guatemalan society.  In the November 15, 2011 edition of “The Big Picture” Abd follows Guatemalans who are scavenging for scrap metal.  “The Mine” is a massive garbage dump in Guatemala City just beyond the Zona 3 garbage dump where International Samaritan works.  Their work is dangerous because of the

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  • The Call to Serve: Fr. Dean Brackley, SJ

    Speaking to students from St. John\'s Jesuit High School at the Romero Center in San Salvador, Fr. Dean Brackley, SJ inspires a new generation On November 16, 1989, six Jesuit priests and the housekeeper and her daughter were dragged from their rooms at the Jesuit residence at the University of Central America (UCA) in San Salvador, El Salvador. They were pulled from their rooms to the ground of the courtyard, where they were brutally murdered by members of El Salvador’s army. Shortl

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