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Volunteer Spotlight | Robert Shearn

Robert Shearn, Thomas More College
Robert Shearn, Thomas More College

In today’s society, many of us communicate from behind computer screens and don’t know our neighbors. It is an exceptional experience to meet an individual that opens his home to a complete stranger on his own accord. International Samaritan was lucky enough to cross paths with one of those people.

Robert Shearn, Director of Campus Ministry at Thomas More College in Crestview Hill, Kentucky, was recently visited by International Samaritan staff member Darren Chase. It was a first-time meeting for the two to discuss International Samaritan’s service immersion learning experiences.

After the meeting, Mr. Shearn shared stories of his own travels around Ireland when he was younger and of the gracious hospitality he had experienced on that trip. As the men spoke, Mr. Shearn was kind enough to invite Darren to join his family for dinner that night. Darren was welcomed into Mr. Shearn’s home and had dinner with his family, who were as warm and welcoming as Mr. Shearn himself. He was later invited to stay the night in the guest room so that he wouldn’t have to find a hotel room.

Mr. Shearn’s kindness and hospitality reflects the mission of International Samaritan as well as the parable of the parable of the good Samaritan in which Jesus reminds us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Just as Mr. Shearn’s hosts in Ireland had acted as true neighbors to him, Mr. Shearn had acted likewise to Darren. We’re sure that the impression that these kindness made will carry forward in both men and be shared by many others in the future.

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