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    Run For Relief

    First Ever Run For Relief With Team International Samaritan On March 26th, 2017 A big thank you to all who ran with Team International Samaritan at the Ann Arbor Marathon this past Sunday. Together, we raised over $5,394 to aid in emergency relief efforts after two disastrous fires near the garbage dump in Zone 3, Guatemala City. Our Relief fundraising page is open for 10 more days and we are still in urgent need of donations. Help us provide relief to all the families devastated by the fires.

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    Start a Campus Chapter

    What is a Campus Chapter? A campus chapter is an association of three or more students committed to furthering the mission of International Samaritan. Every member supports the following chapter functions: Engage in service learning: Students learn by participating in our service opportunities offered through your school. Fundraise to support the projects and programs of International Samaritan: Each member has unique personal and professional networks that can advance our on-the-ground projects and programs. Raise Awareness: Members engage more people in the International Samaritan cause and advocate for the International Samaritan experience. Additionally, each member takes ownership in educating fellow chapter members, and the larger...